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Re: Speed


* Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [02-05-14 02:50]:
>On May 13, 11:15pm, Thorsten Haude wrote:
>} I just go through my /etc/zshenv, see all this setopts and wonder how
>} much difference is these in terms of speed:
>A single command is almost always faster than a series of equivalent
>commands.  However, the amount of work necessary to set options is so
>small that it'd likely take at least hundreds if not thousands of
>executions before you'd notice it.  Even with the proliferation of
>options in 4.x, there just aren't enough of them for this to matter.
I hoped you would say that. Single setopts are much better to read.

>There might be other things in your startup files that are slowing down
>initialization, but setopts are not likely to be it.
Anything special? Is that described somewhere?

>} Another thing: Are the keycodes ("^[!" and stuff) documented somewhere?
>If you mean the key *bindings*, then yes; you can find it in `man zshzle'
>or `info zsh "zsh line editor"'.  Look in the section about "Zle Widgets"
>under the sub-heading "Standard Widgets".
I cannot find it in 'Standard Widgets'.

>If you mean something else, you'll have to ask more specifically.
This is probably some trivial stuff I just happened to avoid before: I
have some bindkeys in my /etc/zshenv, and I want to understand what
they are doing. So I would simply need a list that translates "^[[23~"
or "^[6;5~" in whatever key is meant.

Thanks for your help!

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