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Re: Speed

On May 14,  8:56am, Thorsten Haude wrote:
} >There might be other things in your startup files that are slowing down
} >initialization, but setopts are not likely to be it.
} Anything special?

Other than `compinit', no, nothing special, it'd depend entirely on your
local setup.

} Is that described somewhere?

There are various ways to speed up compinit -- the .zcompdump file, which
is described in `man zshcompsys' or in the info under "Completion System",
and the `zcompile' command.

} This is probably some trivial stuff I just happened to avoid before: I
} have some bindkeys in my /etc/zshenv, and I want to understand what
} they are doing. So I would simply need a list that translates "^[[23~"
} or "^[6;5~" in whatever key is meant.

Aha.  You'll have to look for this in the documentation for your terminal
or terminal emulator; it varies too much for the zsh manual to try to
list all the possibilities.

BTW, ^[6;5~ looks like a cursor movement sequence or other display control
code, not a key binding, but I suppose it might be a key.

You could try the `zkbd' helper that's included with zsh 4 -- it asks you
to type a bunch of keys and then creates a file that contains assignments
that look like


etc.  However, it doesn't know about all possible keys on all possible
keyboards, just the most common ones.

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