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Re: Closed list? (was Re: A new game)

ok, now I feel that I have to say something about this as well.

In my daily eMail delivery are 10-20% of Spam and all these stuff from
nigeria and so on. It's not about the traffic, but about the time I need
to sort the good and the bad ones. I feel anoyed about getting all these
stuff, but, as Cameron said, I can live with it so far.

What about a filter in the listagent. I do not know about ezmlm but I know
majordomo for example and it allows to filter about content and subject
and all these stuff. I'm sure this is possible with ezmlm as well.

I have to deal with these subjects as an administrator of a mailinglist
for an open source project which we don't want to close for none
subscribers as well.
We won't aprove every mail but we want to keep it clear of dirt.
So we set up the filter and it worked out fine till now. But I have to
say, our list dosn't have as much traffic as this one.

so far,



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