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Re: Closed list? (was Re: A new game)

> > I would be up for something that at least strips out the large mime
> > stuff.
> No. I do not understand why MIME is still considered the root of all
> evils. This is the most natural way of posting patches and patches can
> be large.

OK, reasonable argument -- and you are right.  However, there does have
to be *some* method of elimination before they get sent.  Perhaps filter
on content type from the mime attachments (say 'application/octet-stream', 
etc), which would eliminate a few.

> that supports IMAP and kill these messages without even downloading
> them. If you get reasonable mail client you can read test without
> downloading the whole attachments.

Heh.  OK, so the argument here is to better enjoy the list, I change my
provider and get a decent mail client.  Nice response...  At least it
is a reasonable suggestion of things to try if I hadn't thought of them
and had it available.

> > If you wanted to do some limiting -- I think that non-members having to
> > be 'approved' is the most severe that should be implemented.  

I guess I wasn't clear -- I was trying to say that I think the list
should stay open, with the above choice as the most severe limitation to
be chosen.  For a support / informational ML, I do not see the point of
limiting posts only to subscribers.  Sorry for my lack of clarity in the
previous message.

If I am the only one annoyed, or represent a severe minority -- it
shouldn't matter, as I can live with it.  However, if there are other
members that are as annoyed...


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