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Re: Closed list? (was Re: A new game)

В Вск, 30.06.2002, в 00:13, Cameron McBride написал:
> I would be up for something that at least strips out the large mime
> stuff.

No. I do not understand why MIME is still considered the root of all
evils. This is the most natural way of posting patches and patches can
be large.

>  I can still filter spam client side, but getting the several
> daily large attachments is getting annoying. (yes, I still use dial-up)

In which case MIME is exactly what helps to avoid them. Get provider
that supports IMAP and kill these messages without even downloading
them. If you get reasonable mail client you can read test without
downloading the whole attachments.
> If you wanted to do some limiting -- I think that non-members having to
> be 'approved' is the most severe that should be implemented.  

Who is going to be moderator? 


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