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Completion and menu behavior

Being an avid ZSH user I've recently spent some time learning the new completion system. Very powerful stuff! After adding zstyle entries in my .zshrc I tried to get the tab (complete-word) behavior to behave in a manner as follows:

lets say I'm in a directory that contains only files 'foobar' and 'foofoo' and I type 'less [TAB]' at the command line. Currently I will get a partial completion of 'foo' and that's it. Now what I would like is that if I were to type 'less [TAB]' at the command line I would be given 'less foo' with the cursor following just after the partial completion, but *also* with a menu listing foobar and foofoo. Now I have tried all combinations of completion options and styles to try and get this behavior, but none do the trick. The one I believe should do the trick is AUTO_LIST since it's documentation indicates that it will always display a menu list with an ambiguity. But I think that the problem is that a partial completion is not considered an ambiguity. AUTO_LIST does work in the case that if I type 'less foo[TAB]' then the menu does appear since no completion at all is taking place. I don't want to use something like MENU_COMPLETE because a like the partial completions.

I may sound lazy since in the above case I could type TAB twice, once to get a partial completion then again to get the menu. However, with this behavior one cannot tell on the first TAB hit if the completion of 'foo' is a partial completion or a full completion. What I would like is for the menu list to act as an indicator of a partial completion in addition to displaying the possible matches.

I'm using zsh (4.0.4)
Any help would be appreciated!


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