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Re: Completion and menu behavior

Byron Foster wrote:

> ...
> lets say I'm in a directory that contains only files 'foobar' and 
> 'foofoo' and I type 'less [TAB]' at the command line.  Currently I will 
> get a partial completion of 'foo' and that's it.  Now what I would like 
> is that if I were to type 'less [TAB]' at the command line I would be 
> given 'less foo' with the cursor following just after the partial 
> completion, but *also* with a menu listing foobar and foofoo.

Try a combination of AUTO_LIST and NO_LIST_AMBIGUOUS:

  setopt autolist
  unsetopt listambiguous

Just btw: the use of `menu' in your mail is somewhat irritating
because, as I think, you really only want a list. Menuing is done with
AUTO_MENU or MENU_COMPLETE or the `menu' style. And menuing with a
list sounds like menu selection, where you can move the cursor in a
listing to select matches (turned on with the `select' value of the
`menu' style).


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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