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Re: History

On Sep 15, 10:36am, GoTaR wrote:
} I've found another solution. After
} alias cd='builtin cd'
}          ^^
} (without space!) mc calls ' cd `echo "..."`' - it ommits 'builtin'
} keyword, so the command is leaded by space

That's very interesting.  It's not, as far as I can tell, a documented
behavior of Midnight Commander, so it's probably an accident.

I don't know if this thread is worthy of a zsh FAQ entry or not.  If it
is, it's probably worth mentioning that the MC_CONTROL_FILE environment
variable can be a clue that your rc files need to do different setup
(e.g., I wouldn't recommend using themed prompts within mc).  However,
it's only a clue, because not all compilations of mc export that, and
there doesn't appear to be anything mc consistently does to identify
itself to the subservient shell.

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