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Re: spam sucks

On Sep 24, 12:31am, Clint Adams wrote:
} Still, spamassassin tags plenty of false positives, lets actual spam
} through, and requires someone to look over its shoulder to resolve the
} former problem, at least.

This is _way_ off-topic for zsh-users, but ...

I've been running spamassassin for several months now and my rate of false
positives is close to zero -- it's definitely zero for messages on zsh
lists.  My overall false negative rate since mid-June is about 5%, false
positive is about 0.1%, though I did have to do some score tweaking to get
there (every new SA release has a few oddball scores).

While I was running SA on my ISP mail machine I used a logrotate script
for looking-over-its-shoulder; mailed me a summary every day and rotated
each daily spambox into oblivion after 2 weeks.  I quit doing that when I
got DSL and had to start running SA on my home machine, but I still have
the script if anyone wants it.

(Apparently I get, on average, about 19 spams and 0.9 viruses per day.
I'd never actually computed that before.)

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