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Re: Bart's urlglobber question

On Oct 3,  8:28am, Paul Lew wrote:
} Seems noglob does not handle the '&'

Of course not.  It's not a glob character, it's a statement separator.

} then how can I ever achieve the original goal of not supplying quotes
} when using w3m?

Did you see my url-magic-space posting?


Here's a slight variation on it:

---- 8< ---- snip ---- 8< ----
function url-quote-magic {
    local words back=0
    [[ "$KEYS" != [[:space:]] ]] && back=1
    case "$words[-1]" in
    (*[\'\"]*) back=0;;
	local left="${(qqM)${words[-1]}##ftp://(localhost|)}"
	local right="${${words[-1]}##ftp://(localhost|)}"
	words[-1]="$left"'"${(f)^$(print -lr -- '"$right"')}"'
	((back)) && back=3;;
    (http(|s)|ftp):*) words[-1]="${(qq)words[-1]}" ;;
    LBUFFER="${(j: :)words}"
    zle .self-insert
zle -N url-quote-magic
for key in ' ' '?' '&'; do bindkey "$key" url-quote-magic; done
---- 8< ---- snip ---- 8< ----

The above could use some improvement in for multi-line buffers; check the
value of BUFFERLINES and save and elide everything not on the current line
before manipulating $words, then restore it to the beginning of LBUFFER at
the end.  I don't have time to fiddle with that just now.

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