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Re: Bart's urlglobber question [url-magic-space]

>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Bart> On Oct 3,  8:28am, Paul Lew wrote:
    Bart> }
    Bart> } Seems noglob does not handle the '&'

    Bart> Of course not.  It's not a glob character, it's a statement
    Bart> separator.

    Bart> } then how can I ever achieve the original goal of not
    Bart> } supplying quotes when using w3m?

    Bart> Did you see my url-magic-space posting?

    Bart> http://www.zsh.org/cgi-bin/mla/redirect?USERNUMBER=5319

I missed that.  Thanks for the tip, The quote insertion is neat!

The url-magic-space has some interesting behavior dont know if you

* hit a space at beginning of the prompt result in 2 spaces.  However,
  another space will remove the leading two spaces.  As a result, if I
  type: 'space cd /usr<CR>' when I have histignorespace on, it will
  insert the command into history because the leading space is
  magically disappeared.

* can not type multiple spaces at end of a line, even inside a quote,
  i.e., I can not do the following:

  > echo "testing    here" > file

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