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Re: Bart's urlglobber question [url-magic-space]

On Oct 3, 10:25am, Paul Lew wrote:
} Subject: Re: Bart's urlglobber question [url-magic-space]
} The url-magic-space has some interesting behavior dont know if you
} noticed:
} * hit a space at beginning of the prompt result in 2 spaces.  However,
}   another space will remove the leading two spaces.
} * can not type multiple spaces at end of a line, even inside a quote

Yeah, I didn't say it was perfect.  Leading space in LBUFFER should be
preserved and restored the same way preceding lines of multi-line input
should be, and for quoted words it should skip rebuilding LBUFFER from
the joined words.

Another improvement that occurred to me is to have it be aware of and
work with the urlglobber function, so that instead of rewriting the
local-ftp URLs it just quotes them and lets urlglobber deal with it.
Feel free to fiddle and post the result; I may get a chance to look at
it nine or ten hours from now ...

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