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Off-topic not really Re: complete all "cvs add" matches

On Oct 21,  9:34pm, John Buttery wrote:
}   This isn't a flame, even though it probably sounds like one, but I'll
} tell you what _I_ dislike; people who continue to pay known
} spam-friendly ISPs for Internet access and then imply that it's the
} other end's problem when their mail is blocked. 

Just for the record, and then I'll shut up since this is off-topic and I
see enough of this sort of argument on the spamassassin list already ...

(1) If there were another broadband ISP in my area, I'd have used it.
    Unfortunately verizon effectively has a monopoly here because they
    bought the local phone company, the only other DSL provider went
    bankrupt, and my neighborhood does not have line-of-sight to any
    wireless towers.

(2) It's the other end's problem if and only if they want to get my mail.
    I simply refuse to go out of my way to work around the blockage.

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