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RE: viruses (was Re: Meeting notice)

> # william@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / 2002-10-31 20:59:36 -0800:
> > Appeal to whomever runs this list....
> >
> > I know this has been hashed out repeatedly in the past, but this is
> > getting ridiculous. While I like this list, the volume of spam /
> > I get from it exceeds the actual list traffic.
>     through the list? i filter this list into its mailbox on the
>     Delivered-To: header, so anything that goes to the list should end
>     up in that mailbox, and i don't remember a single spam or virus
>     getting in the folder. I don't use anything like SA, nor any AV,
>     just a few maildrop rules... Hm, but they route quite a few emails
>     to /dev/null, so that might be it: aol, juno, msn, yahoo, to name
>     few.

Not everybody is using client that allows easy filtering. In any case,
you still have to download message which means extra traffic and often
extra cost.

Unfortunately, zsh workers do not own list server in any way and IIRC
list server maintainers have been quite unresponsive in the past. To
workers: what about relocating lists to sourceforge? To my impression,
lists hosted there do not suffer from spam so much.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author