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Re: viruses (was Re: Meeting notice)

On 1 Nov, Andrey wrote:
> Unfortunately, zsh workers do not own list server in any way and IIRC
> list server maintainers have been quite unresponsive in the past. To
> workers: what about relocating lists to sourceforge? To my impression,
> lists hosted there do not suffer from spam so much.

I got a reply from Karsten at Sunsite Denmark. He wrote:
: To me directly? Well - I'm sorry if I have missed a mail - I get quite
: a lot...
: I have removed the sunsite.auc.dk alternative. Not they only work on
: sunsite.dk
: We can make the lists moderated, but I fear, that the
: announce->users->workers will tricker tripple moderation.
: I will leave for the USA/philadelphia to attend LISA in 10 hours, so I
: really would hate to make drastic changes right now, but I will be
: happy to look into the matter when I return at tuesday 12th.
: We will also offer TMDA protected lists in short time - we are working
: on the matters right now...

Anyone know what `TMDA' stands for? Or `LISA' for that matter?

I've confirmed that the auc.dk alternative now bounces which it does so
remember that you can't use it any more. That'll cut out more than half
the spam.

I'd be in favour of some sort of automated spam filtering such as
spamassassin with the rejected messages going to some address which a
human can periodically check through and resend any false positives on
from. I can do that unless somebody else is happy to.

Roman Neuhauser wrote: 
|    just a few maildrop rules... Hm, but they route quite a few emails
|    to /dev/null, so that might be it: aol, juno, msn, yahoo, to name

Are other people blocking yahoo? If so I'll post under a different


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