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Re: viruses (was Re: Meeting notice)

> Anyone know what `TMDA' stands for? Or `LISA' for that matter?


> I'd be in favour of some sort of automated spam filtering such as
> spamassassin with the rejected messages going to some address which a
> human can periodically check through and resend any false positives on
> from. I can do that unless somebody else is happy to.

I think even some MTA-level checks could be benficial; I get ezmlm
bounce messages from the zsh lists because sendmail doesn't like the
envelope headers of some spam.

SpamAssassin is run on the Debian lists, to some positive effect as

> Are other people blocking yahoo? If so I'll post under a different
> address.

People take all sorts of draconian measures which result in the loss of
legitimate mail.

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