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qconfirm in front of zsh-users@

Hi there,

I just talked to the kind people from sunsite.dk, and they told me two
things will happen as soon as the person{,s} responsible for the list
ack this action:

    1) zsh-users@ (that's what we specifically talked about, could cover
       -workers@ if needed) will be protected by qconfirm, which means
       that non-subscribers will be required to confirm their posts.

    2) the ezmlm config will be modified to stop removing Received:
       headers from incoming messages (my personal pet peeve :)

This means: the sunsite.dk admins are aware of the situation, and ready
to act, all we need is a simple "go for it" instead of to those endless,
and fruitless, discussions. So please Mr{,s}. Listowner, whoever you
are, contact staff@xxxxxxxxxx, and tell them to go for it.

If you cc me or remove the list(s) completely I'll most likely ignore
your message.    see http://www.eyrie.org./~eagle/faqs/questions.html

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author