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Re: bash convert: new completion system skeleton?

Borzenkov Andrey <Andrey.Borzenkov@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

>> I could easily write a function to allow zsh to use completions written
>> for bash:

this would get you into a hell of troubles you were leaving with the
invention of the new zsh-completion-system.  think about special
cases popping up every place and all the work of keeping it!

> Or scan bash_profile/bashrc for complete -F and compdef all commands to use
> wrapper unless already defined. It would allow almost transparent change
> between bash and zsh. It could be added to compinstall then or even to
> compinit with style to turn it off/on.
> Would it be useful?

i don't think so.  bash completers resemble the old completion style
with compctl much more.

>> Of course it is better to rewrite the functions properly to make
>> full use of zsh's greater power.

exactly.  this is more a problem of documentation then programming,
because the facilities are already there.  i just got lost in all the
stuff.  the freebsd port maintainers put all the `_*' functions
containing zsh features at various levels into one single, flat
directory, so for me, who couldn't differentiate between widgets,
low- and high-level functions the interface layers were not clear.

but Borzenkov was nice enough to send me some pointers, so i think i
can take it from here.  thanks, Borzenkov!

zsh needs more documentation with elaborate examples, that's all.  i
know, it's the hardest part of it all ...


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