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Re: Useful zsh/datetime things

On 2003-10-10 at 02:15 +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Which is how it's supposed to be formatted for RFC{2,}822 et al., and is
> how `date -R` does it.  Is there a POSIX way to get the zone hours offset
> from UT?

 It's actually adopted from ISO 8601.  The standards track RFC
 introducing an ISO 8601 profile for Internet use is RFC 3339.

POSIX: Not that I've seen, but I'm hardly a POSIX spec expert.

I submitted a patch for FreeBSD 3.x some time ago; the change-request PR
was closed a couple of years later on the basis that the functionality
had already been added, and referred to the relevant PR which showed it
-- the same one!  They closed my PR by referring to my PR.
Head-in-hands moment ...

Some rough code from me, submitted explicitly for a BSD-licensed OS and
available for zsh is at:


But do you want the module to be explicitly extending the OS strftime()
if that's missing expansions?  Would be a powerful reason to _use_ the
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