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I have a Linux PDA, a Sharp Zaurus running Linux 2.4.20, and I like to cross-compile my applications on my main Intel Linux box sitting next to it, connected via usb networking. Your configure script does nicely realize that it's doing cross-compiling, and it even goes an extra step, if I don't give it any of the --target, --build, or --host flags, it gets it from the fact that the gcc in the path isn't making intel code.

The problem is, in your configure script, the section that's setting setpgrp, it's detecting that it is doing that cross-compiling, and seems to be reacting by yielding ann error and dying immediately and unconditionally (configure line 8478, search for getpgrp, then "cross".)

This really needs fixing. I guess I could have it wrong, but I tried just about any combination of flags I could imagine (including those that work for other packages). If I have it wrong, if you'd please correct me, and also you might want to consider a line in the INSTALL file saying how to get that done, many folks having PDAs want to do cross compiling, you want to allow for that.

Thanks very much!

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author