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Re: cross-compiling

chuckr wrote:
> I have a Linux PDA, a Sharp Zaurus running Linux 2.4.20, and I like to 
> cross-compile my applications on my main Intel Linux box sitting next to 
> it, connected via usb networking.  Your configure script does nicely 
> realize that it's doing cross-compiling, and it even goes an extra step, 
> if I don't give it any of the --target, --build, or --host flags, it 
> gets it from the fact that the gcc in the path isn't making intel code.

Unfortunately that's a bit of a red herring (and it should really say so
in the INSTALL file).  The configure basics support cross-compiling, but
many zsh tests actually need to run on the system in question to find
out how the features work.  There are numerous cases where simply
compiling isn't good enough to work out what's going on.

This could be fixed along the lines of making some assumptions for tests
when cross-compiling, and telling the user what might need fixing.
Possibly some places where we need to search header files for
information (e.g. signal names) need fixing too.

That's already a sizeable chunk of work and can only be done by someone
who is set up to use it.  I can't see it happening unless somebody
volunteers, I'm afraid.

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