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Re: incremental history search

* Björn Lindström (2004-02-21 00:20 +0100)
> Thorsten Kampe <thorsten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Is it possible to make zsh search for matches of the whole command
>> line ("wget http") - and not only the first word?
> Have you tried C-r and C-s?

C-s just freezes the display and can be unlocked by C-q.

C-r is partly the function I want (although "wget http" also matches
for example "cd tmp; wget http://foo.com";). But C-r is not very
convenient as it disrupts the normal way of typing: it doesn't use
what I already typed:
% wget C-r
bck-i-search: _

Normally I type something what's in my mind and at a certain character
realise that this or a similar command line should already be in
history and that letting zsh find it should be much faster.

I simply don't understand why the normal "down-line-or-search" only
searches for the first word and not the whole command line. Looks like
nonsense to me...


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