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Re: 4.2.0-pre-1

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 03:41:13PM +0000, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> I have uploaded zsh 4.2.0-pre-1 to ftp.zsh.org.  (Should probably be in
> the development directory but isn't.)
> Please look for any remaining problems.  Please also report any news
> whatsoever (good, bad, indifferent) in building on systems other
> than Solaris, well-known GNU/Linux distributions, or Cygwin, since
> we don't have much coverage on other systems and I'd like the
> Etc/MACHINES file to be a bit more up to date.

It compiled ok on FreeBSD-5.1.  There was one issue though.  Configure
produced the following output.

checking pcre.h usability... yes
checking pcre.h presence... no
configure: WARNING: pcre.h: accepted by the compiler, rejected by the preprocessor!
configure: WARNING: pcre.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's result
configure: WARNING:     ## ------------------------------------ ##
configure: WARNING:     ## Report this to bug-autoconf@xxxxxxxx ##
configure: WARNING:     ## ------------------------------------ ##
checking for pcre.h... no

Although, it seems to have build the pcre.so module.

My system has a /usr/local/include/pcre.h header.  I also tried adding
the --includedir=/usr/local/include option to configure, but it still
produced the above warning.

Vincent Stemen
Avoid the VeriSign/Network Solutions domain registration trap!

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