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Re: bindkey and widgets

    Hi David :)

 * Davilín <david@xxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> >     No. If you want to use 'Ctrl+RePag' combo you must edit your
> > /etc/keymap and modify the lines that bind that combo to the
> > scrollback facility under Linux. You should bind them to a string:
> Thanks ;), it works nicely. I should have think at first that i didn't
> have that key combination in my keymap... instead of trying to make zsh
> to map an unknow key sequence :-/

    I'm very used to have Shift-PgUp/PgDn mapped to the scrollback
facility, in fact I consider it a 'system mapping' (which is not, you
can remap that keycombo...). Bart suggested you a very good idea:
C-v. This combination is mapped to 'quoted-insert' by default. This
function inserts the next pressed character or key combo literally.
It is very useful to discover which sequence is emitted by a certain
key combination.

    In the case of C-PgUp, I prefer shift-PgUp for the scrollback
facility, but many systems have Ctrl mapped, instead.

> >     Nonetheless, if you plan to make something more complicated in
> > the future regarding kill-line (e.g. adding more widgets to run after
> > kill-line, making the killing depending on the contents of the
> > $BUFFER, etc.) I encourage you to create a new widget.
> Right now i just want to run two widgets, but i feel confident
> enough to do a widget if in a near future i have some 'dark' ideas XDDDDDD

    Nice XDDD

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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http://www.pleyades.net & http://raul.pleyades.net/

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