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Re: "autoload -U" expanding alias

* Bart Schaefer (2004-03-24 19:36 +0100)
> On Mar 23, 10:43pm, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> } I have a script that zcompiles some rcfiles. It's asking whether to
> } overwrite files:
> } re-compiling /home/thorsten/.zsh/.zlogout.zwc: mv: overwrite
> } `/home/thorsten/.zsh/.zlogout.zwc.old', overriding mode 0400? 
> This message is happening because of the 0400 file mode, not because of
> any option being passed to the "mv" command.  Files that are not writable
> in directories that are writable trigger this behavior unless "mv -f" is
> used.

I see. But these "0400" ".zwc.old" files are created from zrecompile
itself. This happens only on my Linux box. My Cygwin host has no
problems mv a 0400 file.
> } What's happening and how can I prevent this question?
> chmod 0600 the .zwc.old files.  How did they end up mode 0400 ?  Does
> your umask setting typically cause you to create files you can't write?

My umask is 077 so the newly created file from zrecompile should be
mode 600 - not 400.


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