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Re: How to get faster completion if I make zsh assume what I've typed so far is correct?

* paxunix (2004-04-07 12:41 +0100)
> I wrote:
>> Peter Stephenson wrote:
>>>paxunix wrote:
>>>>Why does zsh have to glob every directory along a pathname in order to 
>>>>find completions within the final directory?  For example, take this case:
>>>>/one/two/three/four <TAB>
>>>>If I set -x, the output after hitting TAB shows zsh retrieves all the 
>>>>subdirectories within one, two, three and four.
>>>It's looking for /oneandabit/twoandabit/threeandabit/four... etc.
>>>I certainly agree it should be possible to turn this off but the
>>>function that implements this is very hairy and full of calls to poorly
>>>documented shell internals.
>>>The documentation in the zshcompsys manual page suggests setting
>>>  zstyle ':completion:*:paths' accept-exact true
>>>or maybe (I'm not quite sure what the entry means and the implementation
>>>is obscure)
>>>  zstyle ':completion:*:paths' accept-exact '*'
>> The latter works perfectly.  The situation is even more pronounced on 
>> zsh under Cygwin, where completing a path with 
>> /cygdrive/<drive-letter> will cause your floppy drive to be accessed 
>> every time you attempt a new completion.  The accept-exact '*' 
>> resolves this issue wonderfully.  Many thanks!
> There are a couple of very annoying issues with this solution:  
> ambiguous matches are not cycled through correctly and it is impossible 
> to complete some pathnames.

That's why it's called "accept-exact", right?

>  For example, if you have two directories:
> dir1
> dir1~
> Typing dir<TAB> will complete up to 'dir1' and (in my case) show dir1 
> and dir1~ as possible completions.  Successively hitting TAB will never 
> cycle through to dir1~ - a trailing '/' is inserted after dir1 and zsh 
> lists the contents of dir1 as possible completions.  It appears that any 
> common prefix to an initial path completion attempt causes completion to 
> continue inside the first directory match.  If it's between a directory 
> and a filename with a common prefix, things work as they are supposed to.
> In case there is a style or option that is messing things up, here is my 
> .compinstall:
> [...]
> zstyle ':completion:*:paths' accept-exact '*'
> and my setopt output:

Try "zstyle ':completion:*:paths' accept-exact continue"


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