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Re: Proprositions for a useful categorization of zsh options?

Hi Thorsten,

Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> Dear fellow zsh junkies,
> I am trying to categorize the current 141 zsh options for obvious
> reasons. Unfortunately zshoptions(1) is no big help as it is just
> alphabetically sorted. The Users' guide gives some limited
> suggestions.
> So these are my categories[1]:
> * Compatibility
> * Completion
>     * ambigious
>     * displaying
> * Globbing
> * History
> * Miscellaneous (the "no category category")
> * Pushd/Popd

I don't know which extra category to add, but I think the
"Miscellaneous" category is too long. Perhaps it can be

> Thanks in advance,
> Thorsten


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