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Re: Proprositions for a useful categorization of zsh options?

* DervishD (2004-04-21 12:33 +0100)
> * Thorsten Kampe <thorsten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
>> I am trying to categorize the current 141 zsh options for obvious
>> reasons.
> That's cool and VERY useful :) 
>> # COMPLETION # ambigious completions # displaying completions
> Personally I would remove the last two ones. IMHO is enough with
> 'COMPLETION' category.

I agree. 

> [...]
>> cshjunkiehistory
> I would put this one in the COMPATIBILITY category. It is for csh
> junkies, no?

I agree. 

> Surely this one can be categorized itself. Some suggestions: 
>> autocd autonamedirs cdablevars
> I would change the name POPD/PUSHD of the last category to simply
> 'DIRS' and put those three there.

Yes, "pushd/popd" is too specific compared to the the other ones who
are far more general..., but is "DIRS" the appropriate term? "Dealing
somehow with dirs" seems a bit vague to me...

> A couple more could be moved to that 'DIRS' category.

For instance?

> In addition to this, a whole bunch of options present in
> 'MISCELLANEOUS' category could be moved to another category,
> meaning 'options related to zsh internals'

Which options for instance? 

> ( Now the misc category is simply too big and almost renders the
> categorization useless :(

My fight continues until the last miscellaneous option is categorised
elsewhere... ;-)! 


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