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Re: Coloring completions

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, DervishD wrote:

>     I'm playing with compsys, and I don't understand what happens
> with coloring.
> when I hit 'TAB' (which currently is bound to 'expand-or-complete'), the 
> completions appear colored, and that's ok because I have zsh/complist 
> when I hit '^O', depending on the first word only dirs or all files
> are listed, but they are listed without coloring.

I'm not able to reproduce your problem.  I get coloring in both cases.  
Are you _sure_ zsh/complist is loaded?  Are you sure you have ZLS_COLORS 
set properly?

> I thought coloring was automatic as long as zsh/complist was loaded.

It is.

>     If it is not long, boring or off-topic: could anyone explain me
> how the shell functions given with compsys do the coloring

The shell functions in compsys don't do anything magical.  They just read 
a value from a style and assign that to ZLS_COLORS, then restore the old
ZLS_COLORS value after finishing.

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