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OT: Bash 3.0 Released

Since this is a major release number, thought folks might find this
interesting, even though this is off topic.

There's a Slashdot posting:

Chet Ramey's Usenet posting:

Major new features from that posting:
o Features to support the bash debugger have been implemented, and there
  is a new `extdebug' option to turn the non-default options on

o HISTCONTROL is now a colon-separated list of options and has been
  extended with a new `erasedups' option that will result in only one
  copy of a command being kept in the history list

o Brace expansion has been extended with a new {x..y} form, producing
  sequences of digits or characters

o Timestamps are now kept with history entries, with an option to save
  and restore them from the history file; there is a new HISTTIMEFORMAT
  variable describing how to display the timestamps when listing history

o The `[[' command can now perform extended regular expression (egrep-like)
  matching, with matched subexpressions placed in the BASH_REMATCH array

o A new `pipefail' option causes a pipeline to return a failure status if
  any command in it fails

o The `jobs', `kill', and `wait' builtins now accept job control notation
  in their arguments even if job control is not enabled


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