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Re: Tip of the day: previous command output

On 2004-08-22 16:03:23 -0700, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> How is does this differ from menu selection?

It seems that I need to reread all the documentation concerning the
completion system.

The date of the Zsh user guide is 1999/06/02; is it really that old?
It seems to have been rewritten since.

> Numbering the possible matches is difficult, if not impossible,
> without changing the guts of the completion C code, because the
> labels that may be shown along with each match are assigned to the
> _possible_ matches, not to the _actual_ matches. E.g. when
> completing files, compadd may be given the name of every file in the
> directory, and then the completion internals winnows them down to
> the names that actually fit the prefix or suffix that's already on
> the line. So the numbers to show cannot be known until immediately
> before the list is displayed, and hence can't be passed to compadd
> by user-definable functions.

I see. And is it possible to have some kind of realtime filtering in
a menu selection, like interactive search but reducing the displayed
matches at the same time?

> However, someone more ambitious than I might alter the complist
> module to provide this display and some corresponding menuselect
> keymap bindings. A question would be, what do you expect to happen
> when the list is too long to fit on one screen?

Being able to scroll would be sufficient IMHO.

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