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Re: Newbie zsh setup warts (history, pipes, export, ...).

* Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [Oct 26, 2004 18:30]:
> > I have no idea what PWS or Bart are/were doing with their mail to
> > break that procmail recipe

> Probably, sending you a personal copy, like I did with this message.

Yes, but the problem with doing that instead on only posting to the
mailing-list is that my mail provider only delivers one of them (rejects
dupes).  This is certainly annoying, as the only message I get winds up
in my INBOX.  Anyway, these discussions usually don't lead anyway, but
that's the main reason I don't like to be in a Cc:.

> > > > What are the 1^0 supposed to do?

> > > That's "scoring" (man procmailsc).
> > > It's how you build OR rules in procmail.

> > Again, my guess, but definitely a weird way of having to do it.

> You don't HAVE to do it that way.  This works, too:

>   :0
>   * (^TO_|^Sender:[  ]+owner-)zsh\
>    |^From:.*(schaefer@brasslantern\.com\
>             |duvall@comfychair\.org\
>             |pws@csr\.com\
>             )\
>    |^(Delivered\-To|Mailing\-List|Received):.*zsh\-\
>    |^Newsgroups:.*comp\.shells\.zsh\
>    |^Posted\-To:.*zsh

> Just don't forget the backslashes at the ends of lines (and they must not
> have any spaces following them, before the newline).

(Sorry for including this but...)  Yeah, but that's rather ugly.

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