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Re: can zsh set background color?

I'm personally content with a different colored prompt for remote machines. This is taken care of in my .zshrc file with something like this pseudo code:

case ${HOST} in
  (host1) PS1=<substitute your favorite prompt here> ;;
  (host2) PS1=<different colored prompt here> ;;

I don't want to take the focus of this discussion off of zsh, but if you're using OS X and Terminal, you can set up a Terminal window to have the characteristics that you like (i.e. color of background), then save it as a .term file which you launch only when you want to ssh to a particular host. You can even set it so that just by launching a particular .term file, the ssh command will be carried out for you. Details here:


Hope this helps.

On Jan 4, 2005, at 11:12 AM, Timothy Luoma wrote:
I am using the Terminal program in Mac OS X, not X Windows.


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