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Re: Expansions with glob_complete ignore no_case_glob

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> Christian Taylor wrote:
> > The thing that suprised me originally is that for
> > instance wildcards apparently cause the pattern to be completed by a
> > mechanism that both ignores NO_CASE_GLOB and the matcher-list
> > configuration
> > [when glob_complete is set].
> Hmm, I think this is quite tricky.  The pattern matcher doesn't know
> about the matcher list and training it would be tricky.  Getting the
> completion code to fix up fixed string parts of the completion is also
> tricky.  So this probably needs documenting as a limitation for now.

I was afraid of that :)
I've now worked around the problem using an editor widget that basically does 
the completion with (#i) prepended, which is sufficient for my purpose.
Thanks for responding!

Christian Taylor

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