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Re: completing file names

"Andrei A. Voropaev" wrote:
> Completion is very good, but very complex to quickly understand it :) So
> far I've configured everything as compinstall was guiding and I'm
> satisfied. Only one thing bothers me. I would like to get the list of
> hosts not from /etc/hosts file but from some other file. Because then I
> can rely on DNS to find the appropriate IP for given file name. And
> names I can collect say in ~/.known_hosts one host per line. How can I
> set it up?

You need to set the "hosts" style to the list of values in the file.

zstyle ':completion:*' hosts $(<~/.known_hosts)

should be good enough (host names don't need special quoting).

> (in fact ~/.ssh/known_hosts can be such file, but there the host name is
> followed by lots of things on the line :)

You can do that, too:

zstyle ':completion:*' hosts ${${(f)"$(<~/.ssh/known_hosts)"}%%[[:space:],]*}

This is using zsh's CompletelyImpenetrableExpansionSystem (TM):


produces the contents of the file as a single string.


splits that into an array of strings, one for each line of the file.


for each element of the array, strips off everything from the first
space or comma on, leaving the initial hostname in each case.  (My
~/.ssh/known_hosts has IP addresses after a comma, which we don't want.)

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