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 again a beginner's question:  ;)

 From bash I am used to hit ESC when a completion will fit my needs
 (and still others are possible from the point of view of the shell)
 and wnat to take it (while the cursor is in the middle of the
 suggested word).

 This seems not to work with zsh and my current configuration. My
 workaround currently is to use CTRL-E (cursor to end of line -- I am
 using the Emacs kbd-settings)).

 Is there a way to emulate this ESC-behaviour without removing other

 And another question:

 Suppose I am builing up a short """""script""""" on the commandline:
 A simple loop over filenames for example.

 After first run of the script I want to add another line to that

 Scrolling back in history gives me the whole script nicely printed in
 several lines (NOT on a loooooong one-liner! What a nice zshish

 With EMACS-related keys I easily can step through the lines...BUT how
 can I open a NEW line? My workaround is a way really hurtung an
 EMACS-freak like me (at this point of the text of my mail there is a

 I hit ALT-x (execute) and enter the command 

   vi-open-line-above (...-below)

 because the simple <RETURN> at the and of the line will execute the
 script again....

 Is there a Emacs-keybinding or Emacs-related command to open a line ?

 Thank you very much for any help in advance !

 Keep zshing!

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