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Re: ESC-Question

Meino Christian Cramer <Meino.Cramer@xxxxxx> writes:

>  Suppose I am builing up a short """""script""""" on the commandline:
>  A simple loop over filenames for example.
>  After first run of the script I want to add another line to that
>  script.
>  Scrolling back in history gives me the whole script nicely printed in
>  several lines (NOT on a loooooong one-liner! What a nice zshish
>  feature!).
>  With EMACS-related keys I easily can step through the lines...BUT how
>  can I open a NEW line? My workaround is a way really hurtung an
>  EMACS-freak like me (at this point of the text of my mail there is a
>  I hit ALT-x (execute) and enter the command 
>    vi-open-line-above (...-below)
>  because the simple <RETURN> at the and of the line will execute the
>  script again....
>  Is there a Emacs-keybinding or Emacs-related command to open a line ?

  C-v C-j

Or substitute whichever character is your tty's lnext char (as can
been seen from stty -a).

Alternately, M-Enter always creates a new line without submitting the
input for processing.


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