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Hi everyone,

I have a complaint about spelling correction.  Back in my day, anything but 'y'
(and tab, which was a bad idea) was treated as 'n' for the purpose of spelling
correction.  Now, though, if you type something invalid, zsh keeps waiting for
something valid.  This causes problems because, inevitably, I do not notice the
spelling correction prompt until I am in the middle of typing another command. 

So, if I type a command "cp file newfile2", and newfile1 is already there, it
asks me if I want to correct to newfile1 (which I don't want).  By the time I
realize it, I've already typed "cp (something else)", so the c and p are
ignored, and the space is taken as a 'y', and newfile1 is trashed.

I will be fixing my copy of zsh to treat anything but 'y' as an 'n' in this
case, and I humbly request that you add an option (at least) to do the same in
the official version.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author