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Re: correction

On Mar 20,  8:48pm, Paul Falstad wrote:
} Hi everyone,

(Chorus) Hi, Paul!

} I have a complaint about spelling correction.

(Collective gasp)

} Back in my day, anything but 'y' (and tab, which was a bad idea) was
} treated as 'n' for the purpose of spelling correction. Now, though, if
} you type something invalid, zsh keeps waiting for something valid.

This appears to have happened during the Interregnum, er, that is, before
1997, during the period when both of us were dissociated from zsh, in my
case because I objected to the stated intent of the lead maintainers to
rip out various csh-derived syntax and features.  IIRC this was when the
word "junkie" got inserted into all the csh compatibility option names,
in prep for dumping them entirely (which thankfully never happened).

Anyway, the present correctall behavior you describe already appears in
the oldest copy of 3.0 that I can lay hands on, but is "your way" in 2.4.
So it's been 8 or 10 years since the change.

} I will be fixing my copy of zsh to treat anything but 'y' as an 'n'

Except 'a' or 'e' ...

} I humbly request that you add an option (at least) to do the same

At this point I think that'd be what we'd have to do.

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