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Re: mailpath issues

* Bart Schaefer (Mar 29, 2005 01:50):
> On Mar 29,  1:00am, Nikolai Weibull wrote:
> } Subject: mailpath issues
> }
> } If ~/.maildir is a maildir, won't all subdirectories to it also be
> } checked if i set my mailpath to include that directory?

> It depends on whether zsh was compiled with MAILDIR_SUPPORT defined.

Yes, that I figured.

> } I'm looking at the checkmailpath function and it seems it should, but
> } it's not...Am I missing something?

> Look at the mailstat() function, also in utils.c.  Note that if it finds
> that the directory being examined is a maildir, then it falsifies the
> stat structure to behave as if the directory is actually a plain file.
> In this case it won't recur into subdirectories.

> There is no support for hierarchical objects that are simultaneously mail
> folders and containers of other mail folders.

  for p in $mailpath; do
    for subp in $p/.*(/); do

But that's not great,

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