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Re: completion for darcs

Antoine Calando wrote:
> I also have, sometimes, this kind of problem. Would it be possible to
> add a ZLE widget like "file-complete" (that would be bound, for instance,
> to Ctrl-Tab) which forces the completion to happen in a "basic" way, rather
> than with the new functions-customized system? It is very annoying to have
> to type a full filename...
> Or may be such a widget already exists?

You can actually use the flexibility of the style system and the
_generic widget to do this.

zle -C complete-file complete-word _generic
zstyle ':completion:complete-file::::' completer _files
bindkey '^xF' complete-file

This defines a new widget called "complete-word".  The completer style
in the appropriate context is set to _files, so when invoked it simply
completes file names.  Then it's bound to \C-xF.

There are infinite variations on this.  If you have "From Bash to Zsh",
see pages 405 to 407.

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