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Re: Reverse history searching in zsh

Tejasvi Aswathanarayana, April 18:

> I have been hearing about ZSH for quite sometime now. I have been
> hesitant to move coz I am not sure if ZSH has this one "cool" feature
> of  bash, the reverse-search, which searches the history in reverse
> order and gets you the matches.... This is one heck of a feature that
> I wouldnt want to miss in my shell.
> Does anybody know if zsh has this feature... looked on the web but
> couldnt find this feature in zsh!

Yes, it does.  It has loads of other features that are even more useful.
Install the shell and read the documentation and try out the things that
strike you as interesting.  In the end, you may find that you will be
able to leave Bash behind and make the transition to Zsh,

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