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Re: [zsh] Re: history-words stop?

» On Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 03:12PM +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:

> On Apr 21,  3:16pm, Francisco Borges wrote:
> }
> } zstyle ':completion:*:history-words' stop yes
> }
> } When using M-/ and M-, what happens is that:
> }
> } I reach the BEGIN(END) of history,
> } I hit M-,(M-/) once: nothing happens.
> } I hit M-,(M-/) a second time: it wraps around.
> That sounds like exactly what's supposed to be happening:
> stop
>      If set to `true', the _history_complete_word bindable command will
>      stop once when reaching the beginning or end of the history.

Oops, I had missed the "once" in "stop once".

>      Invoking _history_complete_word will then wrap around to the
>      opposite end of the history.  If this style is set to `false' (the
>      default), _history_complete_word will loop immediately as in a
>      menu completion.
> } Can I be messing this with some other variable or is this a bug?
> } OR am I missing something obvious?? :)
> I think it's the last of those.  What did you *expect* to happen?

I expected "stop once" to be the default and setting 'stop' to true to
give me a full stop, ie no wrapping at all, same way as when reaching
the end of history-incremental-search-(for|back)ward.

I guess the problem is that I think about this as a history-search-word
like function and not as menu completion.


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