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Re: can't run _email-mutt

le 30/05/2005,
Oliver Kiddle nous écrivait :
> Ah, the problem is probably related to the section of _email-addresses
> starting with the comment "# get list of all plugins except any with
> missing config files". For the builtin plugins, it excludes those for
> which it doesn't find a config file. It's perhaps a new change to mutt
> that .muttrc can also be .mutt/muttrc. Can it have other names?

i wasn't skilled enought in zsh to understand those lines. thanks for

you're right : i've added .mutt/muttrc to the list and it works fine

i've just seen in the mutt man that a system-wide configuration file
exists too : /etc/Muttrc

so, there are 3 configuration files :

> We could probably do with a more sophisticated plugin for mutt aliases,
> however. I assume you've got some form of include directives to pull in
> aliases from all those other files. Any idea how we could get a full
> list of mutt aliases?

well, the simplest way is to use an extern program that does it well :

lbdbq | sed -n '/alias/{s/\(^[^  ]\+\).*alias\(.*\)/\2:\1/;p}'

or something like that.

a pure zsh solution is trying to parse all files that are sourced (
using the source command ) by .muttrc.



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