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Re: can't run _email-mutt

Marc Chantreux wrote:
> you're right : i've added .mutt/muttrc to the list and it works fine
> now.
> i've just seen in the mutt man that a system-wide configuration file
> exists too : /etc/Muttrc

I don't think it's worth worrying too much about the system-wide one. It
can probably be in other places such as /usr/local/etc/Muttrc. We can
perhaps use the muttrc style, though.

> well, the simplest way is to use an extern program that does it well :
> lbdbq | sed -n '/alias/{s/\(^[^  ]\+\).*alias\(.*\)/\2:\1/;p}'

Except that lbdbq is unlikely to be installed. I've never seen it and
it's on none of the machines I use.

> a pure zsh solution is trying to parse all files that are sourced (
> using the source command ) by .muttrc.

I think that would be better. Pulling out source commands can't be any
harder than pulling out alias commands.

It's arguably applicable to other mail config files like zmail, nail
and mush. I'll try making it applicable to those too, though it might
potentially be a problem in some mush setups where if statements are used.


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