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Gmane (Re: lining up RPS1 and PS1)

On Jun 6, 11:53am, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
} And: please don't crosspost to .devel.

He didn't cross-post.  I got only one copy of his message.

Although you're reading zsh-users via gmane.org's interface, zsh-users
is a mailing list, not a newsgroup.

And it happens that the maintainers of the zsh-users mailing list have
arranged for all messages sent to zsh-users to be sent to zsh-workers,
another mailing list.  This is so that the zsh developers don't have to
subscribe to both lists in order to see all the postings.

It happens that gmane is also mirroring the zsh-workers into a newsgroup
named, apparently, something ending in .devel.  That newsgroup is going
to get a copy of everything that's in zsh-users, whether its readers like
it or not.  Complain to gmane, or quit reading the non-.devel newsgroup,
but don't blame the people using zsh-users as a mailing list like it was
meant to be used.

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