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Re: Gmane (Re: lining up RPS1 and PS1)

* Bart Schaefer (2005-06-06 16:09 +0100)
> On Jun 6, 11:53am, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> }
> } And: please don't crosspost to .devel.
> He didn't cross-post.  I got only one copy of his message.
> Although you're reading zsh-users via gmane.org's interface, zsh-users
> is a mailing list, not a newsgroup.

> And it happens that the maintainers of the zsh-users mailing list have
> arranged for all messages sent to zsh-users to be sent to zsh-workers,
> another mailing list.  This is so that the zsh developers don't have to
> subscribe to both lists in order to see all the postings.

I know.
> It happens that gmane is also mirroring the zsh-workers into a newsgroup
> named, apparently, something ending in .devel.  That newsgroup is going
> to get a copy of everything that's in zsh-users, whether its readers like
> it or not.

I'm not subscribed to the devel mailing list.

> Complain to gmane, or quit reading the non-.devel newsgroup,
> but don't blame the people using zsh-users as a mailing list like it was
> meant to be used.

I'm only subscribed to the user list. So I only got one article and
had no problem. Hitting the follow-up button on MG's article shows the
devel and the user mailing list.

So I thought he sent his article to the devel and the user. Maybe he
sent it only to devel - I don't know.

I suspected that you - the developers - got it twice. But anyway: *I*
didn't have any problem with that.

Nevertheless: there has to be a reason why your and his article has a
"Newsgroups: gmane.comp.shells.zsh.devel,gmane.comp.shells.zsh.user"
and mine and DN's for example show only "Newsgroups:


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