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Re: Gmane (Re: lining up RPS1 and PS1)

[On 06 Jun, @18:23, Thorsten Kampe wrote in "Re: Gmane (Re: lining up RPS1  ..."]
> I'm only subscribed to the user list. So I only got one article and
> had no problem. Hitting the follow-up button on MG's article shows the
> devel and the user mailing list.
> So I thought he sent his article to the devel and the user. Maybe he
> sent it only to devel - I don't know.

I sent it to users, and nothing else.

I'm sending /this/ message to both lists (as someone has added the cc)

> Nevertheless: there has to be a reason why your and his article has a
> "Newsgroups: gmane.comp.shells.zsh.devel,gmane.comp.shells.zsh.user"
> and mine and DN's for example show only "Newsgroups:
> gmane.comp.shells.zsh.user".

dunno, maybe gmane gets confused by some of the mailing list

  - Miek

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