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stopped globbing/expansion (?)


 (this is no feature request...it is a cry for help instead :O) :O) 

 currently my zsh is configured to behave as follows:
 I type in the first characters, which are common to a group of files
 in the cwd and then press TAB.

 Then all matches are displayed below the current cmd-line and the
 first match is used to complete my input.

 Instead I would like zsh to behave as follows: 

 Type in the first characters, TAB and all possibilites are displayed
 below the current cmd-line without touching my typing (no full
 completing to the first). 

 Furthermore I would like to have a completing for cmd-line inputs
 like  "*.png <TAB>".

 And one last:
 Suppose one is here:


 And I want to copy a file from the cwd to 


 To achive this is would type


 and then "cp" and copy'n' paste the output of the previous command
 behind cp twice (adding the file in question after the first

 Then I would position the cursor on the word "current", wipe it out,
 type "b <TAB>" but nothing happens until I add an additional SPACE to
 seperate the left from the right part of the string, which I have to
 remove afterwards again.

 I am sure, that the behaviour of zsh, which I like to have, can
 easily be configured via some switched or so.

 The problem I have to find the appropiate information in the manual
 is: I dont know the keywords to search for, I even dont know how all
 this is named...

 I would be very happy if someone can point me to the according
 passages of text.

 ( I am using zsh 4.2.5 on Linux )

 Thanks a lot fro any help or hint in advance!!! :)

 Have a nice weekend!

 PS: I dont no for sure, whether it was <TAB> or <TAB><TAB> to
 acchieve the things I tried to explain in the above mail...so please
 add any missing <TAB>.... :)


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