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Re: complete paths after non-space

On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 04:24:12PM -0700, Deliverable Mail wrote:
> Also for in-line ^r, bash's behavior is quite normal

I consider bash's solution sub-optimal -- replacing the command-prompt
with the search prompt (which tends to bump the line over one direction
or another) and then continuing to slide the line around for every
character typed -- it just seems much nicer to me to put the prompt down
below (which is also more like it would be in an actual Emacs editor).

> Same goes for opening a bunch of stuff for completion under the line

Yes, exactly the same.  :-)  What I like about the zsh way is that the
completion items don't get left to clutter the screen after you're done
creating the command.  With bash, you can end up scrolling all the prior
output off the screen after just a few completion listings, whereas zsh
continues to update the completions under the prompt, and then removes
them when it is all done.  Of course, you can choose to turn this off
via "unsetopt alwayslastprompt", but I'd suggest giving the zsh way a
chance first -- I think you're experiencing a natural "that's not the
way I'm used to it working" reaction, but if you give it some time, you
may discover you like the zsh way better.


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